Faculty Activity Reporting

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Improve the collection and reporting of faculty credentials and activity data with a system that has it all.
  • Simple setup, data collection and reporting
  • Flexible to meet your needs--even as your needs change
  • Accessible results at your fingertips: CVs, accreditation reports and ad hoc reports

Faculty Benefits

Save Time Collecting

  • Manage data in one location to eliminate redundancy
  • Upload journal citations from reference management software (e.g., Zotero) and bibliographic databases (e.g., EBSCO)
  • Benefit from having courses taught data and other information downloaded from campus systems (Banner, Datatel, etc.)

Save Time Responding

  • Input credentials and activities once to support the data needs of administrators, accrediting bodies, and other stakeholders
  • Share CVs, performance data, and supporting documents for annual reviews, promotion / tenure decisions, etc.
  • Support grant applications with documented accomplishments (e.g., CVs and NIH and NSF biosketches)
  • Access metrics of individual performance as a basis for reflection and improvement

What users are saying about Faculty180...

Superior Customer Experience:

"The assistance provided by the technical staff is prompt, courteous and all part of the annual fee."
"So, many, many thanks to you and your team for such a prompt, smooth and successful Faculty180 start-up!!"
"With Faculty180 we can upload data required by the state and produce specific activity reports to meet the needs of external accrediting agencies. This can all be done quickly."


"Faculty180 has greatly simplified our data collection and reporting processes."
"The interface is intuitive and easy for faculty to use, and creating standard or ad hoc reports has been very easy."
"The fact that the software has been developed by academic peers who understand the life of a faculty member has made working with the development team so easy. We don't have to explain university jargon or defend the way that academe really works."


"Our faculty members prefer having access to their information electronically anytime they have a need for it."
"Knowing that this data for our 2021 site visit. . .will be a just a few mouse clicks away is a tremendously relief."
"Faculty180 allows the University to centralize its faculty credentials data in a secure yet easily accessible online environment."
"University administrators (such as academic chairs and deans) have ready access to important and up-to-date information from faculty."
"Faculty have the ability to enter, revise, maintain and print their professional activities and credentials from anywhere they have Internet access."
"It so happened that I'd attended an international conference in New Delhi during our annual review period, which I wouldn't have even entertained if it weren't for having Faculty180 in place. It was absolutely fabulous to know that I could login and easily evaluate faculty portfolios from my laptop -- regardless of whether I was in Indiana or India!"

Time and Money Saving:

"What we can now do in minutes used to take us days to complete."
"Much of our SACS reporting is done for us automatically in the system."
"We have saved a great deal of time by entering faculty information once and having it there to manipulate in ad hoc reports as we need."
"Our faculty members were able to do their annual performance appraisal using Faculty 180—probably saved them at least four hours work each!"
"I can remember in the past having to count and go through reams of paper to find specific information for the written portion of Standard 5 to present to NCATE. I cannot tell you how much time this has saved. And I think it makes the reporting more accurate."
"Faculty180 saved us significant time and money because we did not have to hire a full-time programmer to develop the online database process. When compared to the annual fee for Faculty180, the cost of a full-time programmer would be significantly higher."
"They [the faculty members] are very jazzed about the opportunity to document their on-going performance activities in real time -- especially knowing that it'll spare them from the time-consuming chore of preparing an annual review binder over their winter recess."
"As a campus, we're being increasingly mindful about unnecessary printing expenditures, and being more resourceful about going paperless. . .Consequently, it was rewarding to know that the School had been ahead of the curve in saving printing costs as it pertains to annual performance reviews."

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