Co-curricular Transcripts

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Enhance students' college experience by mentoring and documenting holistic growth with a powerful and easy-to-use application.
  • Mentor student development
  • Collect co-curricular activities
  • Validate activities electronically
  • Distribute co-curricular transcripts


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Quick-setup functionality: install in days and modify in minutes
  • Customizable co-curricular categories
  • Built in co-curricular transcripts request and processing system
  • Electronic validation of student activities
  • Ready-to-output co-curricular transcripts and cover letters
  • Powerful co-curricular trends reports for mentoring students and assessing institutional effectiveness
  • Ability to "push" activities to students to transcripts for organized campus organizations and activities
  • Context-sensitive narrative and video help systems
  • Versatile administrative "back door" to students' activities

Students Can

  • Collect their co-curricular activities through a simple interface
  • Validate their entries electronically with internal and external validation
  • Reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of their co-curricular work as a basis for improvement
  • Distribute co-curricular transcripts to support their applications for jobs, internships, scholarships and admissions to schools
  • Collect comments on their activities from others as a basis for dialogue and interaction
  • Maintain and transport their collection of co-curricular activities throughout their lifetimes

Institutions Can

  • Corroborate activities and achievements with a powerful electronic validation system
  • Enhance college and job placement of students through improved documentation of holistic personal development
  • Improve institutional effectiveness by strengthening co-curricular leadership and mentoring
  • Authenticate the "value added" from specific mentoring methods, processes and policies
  • Track student participation and involvement in campus organizations and activities

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